Preparing my heart

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:20 stood out to me tonight as I was reading about the birth of Jesus.  I’ve read this same verse more times than I can begin to count in my life.  Consider how many times we’ve all heard it as well.  It Read More



Some days I feel like I’m down for the count.  I’m worn, fatigued, achy, and emotionally drained.  Some days it feels like I can’t take one more attack from the world…not one more problem heaped upon my already burdened shoulders.  I’m hurt or even buried under the stressors of caring for aging parents, a teenage Read More


How did God know?

How did God know?  Do you ever ponder what prompted the Lord to create some the creatures that inhabit our earth?  I’ve often wondered whey certain creatures exist…like my least favorite creature…the snake.  EEEEEEEWWWWWW!  I no likeeee snakes!  Or what about my sweet, loving, puppy dog and cats?  I mean, did God create our golden Read More

Those who wait for the Lord

When I am weak, He makes me strong

Strength is something that has eluded me today.  Weakness coupled with fatigue frequently bring this sassy chick to her knees…or should I say to my bed.  I don’t talk about it often when I’m blogging or doing inspirational speaking.  It’s just part of my physical makeup, but not who I am.  Autoimmune disease.  Those are Read More


Brand new all over again.

Do you ever wish you could start all over again?  Have you ever made a biggie of a mistake and wished you could take a mulligan?  We used to do that as kids.  I remember it most when we’d go mini golfing.  Or, as we affectionately called it, peewee golfing.  You know the feeling, admit Read More


It’s a relationship. Faith and me.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The glass is always half full. There’s always something good around the corner. Do you know one of these kind of people? The one who see the positive in everything? Well, hold on to your hat! If you hadn’t already realized it, that’s me. I’m the eternal optimist. The Read More

Steeping the tea bag

Tea!  Sweet Tea.  The “house wine” of the South.  We don’t often drink hot tea, but when it gets cold outside, you know…below 65, folks start to do strange things.  Some break out the hot tea.  If you’re not an expert tea maker, sometimes things can go terribly wrong.  The tea turns out Strong.  I’m Read More

Bible journaling and doodling

It has been a wild week, and I’m worn out.  So rather than blog volumes this week, I’ve connected with the Lord through Bible journaling and doodling.  It’s a fantastic, artful, creative way to read and meditate on God’s word. Here are some examples of my quiet times with God this week. How do you Read More

Spiritual Window Shopping

Abundant living.  What does that phrase generate in your mind? Abundant living. Just ponder it for a moment. What does that really mean? Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. ” If I go to my Read More

The journey, shaky foundations, and more miracles

When I arrived at the hospital, and walked into Dad’s room, something miraculous happened.  The little old man laying in that hospital bed wasn’t scary anymore.  The angry, bitter expressions that had once permanently changed his countenance, was gone.  Instead replaced by a smile as he saw me walk in the door.  A smile y’all! Read More