Lord, bring the rain!

  Tonight I spent some quiet time Bible journaling as I finished reading some of my study material for this week in Bible study. Have you been in a dry and weary place in life? That place where you feel thirsty, hopeless, confused, angry, empty, or bitter? I know I sure have.   To be Read More

I loved you at your darkest.

Bible Journaling? I’ve never heard of it.

Short version…Bible journaling is taking the infallible word of God, reading it, and then doodling illustrations to represent a verse or passage in the margins of your Bible.  Some people are super artsy, some not so much.  Either really doesn’t matter.  Bible journaling is an artful, creative way to worship God while spending time with Read More


Emerging from the shell

Welcome to One Christian Chick.  Several years ago I created the name with the expectation of being one christian chick who could help change the world.  I did some blogging, but never fully embraced the opportunity and responsibility of sharing my life’s journey’s to aid you in yours.  I was spread too thin being a Read More